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LCD interactive elements need to be improved

Time:2021/4/9Source:Shenzhen Kaixian Technology Co., Ltd.
For the development of small distance in the future, small distance is a new battlefield and a new opportunity for LCD companies. In the next two to three years, the prospect is very good. Now the most important problem to be solved in small distance is how to reduce the cost, especially how to reduce the cost of lamp beads. Therefore, the production technology of lamp beads needs to be greatly improved.
For driver IC, it will continue to develop in the direction of high integration and high integration in the future. How to help customers reduce the total cost of display screen is becoming more and more serious. This is also the problem we need to think about and improve next. All of these can only be accomplished by relying on the breaking and innovation of technology, and even the revolutionary breaking of technology. Otherwise, small distance will be difficult to shake the position of LCD in the indoor large screen splicing market.
Of course, liquid crystal display, especially the display effect of such an excellent small distance, if only blindly improve its display effect, it is obviously not good. We need to continue to explore how to maximize the function and use of LCD, and the interaction between people and screen is an extremely important direction to improve the value of LCD in the future.
We should not just position the LCD as the carrier of static advertising, we should think about how to complete the good interaction between the audience and the screen, maximize the effectiveness of advertising, maximize the output of advertising investment, which will indirectly improve the value of the LCD and expand the application field of the LCD.
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