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15 inch LED screenG150XVN01.1Specifications
  • Brand:AUO
  • Size:15 inch square screen
  • Model:G150XVN01.1
  • Resolution:1024×768
  • Vision:85/85/85/85
  • Contrast:1500:1
  • brightness:300 cd/m2
  • interface:30 pins
  • Operating temperature:-10 ~ 70 ° C storage temperature: - 30 ~ 70 ° C
  • life:2 pcs CCFL , 50K小時
  • Types of:CCFL



G150xvn01.1 is a 15.0-inch LCD module product with a-Si TFT-LCD Technology launched by Youda optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (AUO). It is equipped with WLED backlight, LED driver, backlight drive and touch-free. As an MVA, constant black display and transmission LCD module product, g150xvn01.1 can provide 300 CD / m2 display brightness, 1500:1 transmission contrast, and 85 / 85 / 85 (typ.) (CR ≥ 10) (L / R / U / D) viewing angle. The best viewing angle is full viewing angle, and its response time is 20 / 15 (typ.) (TR / TD) Ms. Because each pixel adopts 6-bit / 6-bit + FRC gray scale signal, this product can display 262K / 16.2M color, and its color saturation reaches 72% (NTSC). In terms of backlight, this product adopts WLED side entry light source, with a service life of 30K hours, including LED driver. G150xvn01.1 adopts LVDS (1 ch, 6 / 8-bit) signal interface, with a total of 30 pins, terminal connection, and screen driving voltage of 3.3V (typ.). Its typical vertical refresh rate FV is 60Hz. If you want to use g150xvn01.1 LCD module in the development of new products, we suggest that you ask AUO or its agent for the latest production status and technical information about g150xvn01.1. The panel parameters displayed on the screen library are all entered by the electronic engineer of the screen library according to the specification. The error has been reduced as much as possible, but the parameters are not completely correct. According to the information of screen library, this product was mass produced in Q1 2015 and stopped production in Q1 2020. The current production status is stopped production. At present, g150xvn01.1 has 31 pieces of spot information and 36 suppliers' information on the screen library, which is the main model product in the screen library market. The screen library first established parameters for this model on May 12, 2014, and finally updated the parameters on March 24, 2020. Its working temperature is - 10 ~ 70 ° C, storage temperature is - 30 ~ 70 ° C, vibration resistance is 1.5g (14.7 M / S 2). Based on its white LED backlight, including LED driver, front mounted terminal, 180 degree flip display, 6 / 8-bit gray scale, surface fog and other features, this model is recommended for industrial products.


basic parameters

Manufacturer Youda /auo



Screen size 15.0“

Resolution 1024 × 768

Resolution name XGA

Display scale 4:3

Pixel arrangement RGB vertical strip

Pixel pitch 0.099 × 0.297 mm

Panel composition LCD,

Panel type (Technology) a-Si TFT LCD

Applications [industry],

Panel features [gray scale optional], [white LED], [LED drive with self], [fog surface], [wide view],

G150xvn01.1 photoelectric parameters

Display mode TN, normally white, transmission

Luminance 300 nits

Contrast ratio 1500:1

Color 262K / 16.2M

Color saturation 72% NTSC (CIE1931)

Response time (tr/td) (MS)

Viewing angle 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 (typ.) (CR ≥ 10)

White field chroma wx:0.300; wy:0.325

White field dynamic 1.33 (max.) (5 points)

Scanning frequency 60Hz

Reverse scan flip (180 °)

The kind of single LVDS

Interface LVDS terminal

Single interface definition LVDS (1 ch, 6 / 8 bit)

Drive screen voltage 3.3V (typ.)

Input current 0.7/0.85a (typ. / max.)

Kind of signal interface terminal

Brand of signal interface E & T

Model of single interface mdf76tw-30s-1h

Pitch of single interface 1.0 mm

Pin of single interface 30 pins

G150xvn01.1 structural parameters

Operation temperature - 10 ~ 70 ° C

Storage temperature - 30 ~ 70 ° C

Surface technology fog, hard coating (3H)

Active area 304.128 (W) x 228.096 (H) mm

Display area 307.2 (W) x 231.1 (H) mm

Outline 326.5 (W) x 253.5 (H) mm

Touch panel no

Lamp position side entry light source (bottom)

Backlight type WLED

Life time of lamp 30K (typ.) hours

Driver of backlight with LED drive module

King of backlight interface terminal

Brand of backlight interface E & T

Model of backlight interface 3808k-f05n-02

Quantity of backlight interface 1 pcs

Pitch of backlight interface 1.0mm

Backlight interface definition 30 pins

G150xvn01.1 packaging and production status

Quantity per box 10 pcs

Size of the box 410 × 278 × 360 mm (L × w × h)


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